From Propose to Close in 3-steps



Most sales people spend too much time in the proposal phase. It can be very frustrating for both the sales person and managers alike to see so many opportunities in the phase that aren't moving or closing at the rate or schedule they would like. Most of the time when a sales person finds themselves with many opportunities held up in the proposal phase of their sales process, it is because those opportunities should never have been at that stage in the first place. Something was missed in the qualification and assess phase of the sales process.


You can hire and train and hire and train salespeople over and over again, but that doesn't' mean that you will have a winning sales staff. There's one key element, one trait, one absolute necessity that every great salesperson must possess, but first, let's look at some of the mistakes that you make when you hire salespeople.


There are many things that contribute to the success of sales and marketing, but arguably one of the most important principles, especially in a tight, competitive market environment, is the close management of the PIPELINE. Systematically managing the sales pipeline allows: companies to understand and accurately assess the volume, speed, balance, and quality of their pipeline, giving them a distinct market advantage; and sales people to prioritize their time and control their income.